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MEM Research Center


MEM Research Center
Institute for Evaluative Research in Medicine



IEFM has defined its mission as a dedicated academic research institute in the field of health technology assessment, at the interface of economy and delivery of care, and for outcome research in medicine. It has become an interdisciplinary think tank between surgeons, physicians, epidemiologists, computer scientists and experts from other disciplines involved in health care. Their input is crucial to IEFM‘s overall mission of contributing to the advancement and adaptation of musculoskeletal health in an continually and rapidly changing health care environment. IEFM is active in various areas of evaluative medicine and health technology assessment. Traditional clinical trials research is expanded on by including national and international registers, and designing and developing IT systems for the collection, archiving and distribution of evidence based data. Associated with the institute’s mission is a modern center for interactive postgraduate teaching and learning that uses the most sophisticated technology and methodology in this field.

MEM Research Center
Stauffacherstrasse 78 | CH-3014 Bern | Switzerland
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